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Marių verandos - spacious time at the Curonian Lagoon

Night is approaching and clouds in the sky are merging with the Curonian Lagoon. Boats alone, used for night fishing, mark the horizon line. A unique smell of juniper smoke spreads along the narrow streets of Pervalka, and a fat tabby cat stretches lazily on the lawn. You sit in the courtyard of "Marių Verandos" tasting freshly smoked fish and listening to the rustle of seacoast willows. The lighthouse of Pervalka winks at you from time to time to your left, and a family of swans prepares for the night by cuddling closely to each other at the old pier. The evening is fading slowly, just like juniper smoke. Time pauses for a moment, expands and becomes as spacious as the courtyard of "Marių Verandos", opening up to the lagoon that is framed in bulrush.

"Marių Verandos" is a new project of "Inreal Valdymas" in Pervalka (Pervalkos str. 15, Neringa). The complex of four 1 or 2-storey buildings with mansards will include twenty six apartments (from 24 to 80 sq. m area) providing small cosy holiday accommodation as well as luxury, spacious 2-storey cottages with terraces, balconies and improvised verandas. All apartments are sold fully finished. 

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5 m to the Curonian Lagoon   2 km to the Baltic Sea


37 ares of "Marių Verandos" area on the very coast of the Curonian Lagoon consists of four 1 or 2-storey buildings with mansards, named Nagliai, Smiltynė, Agila and Pilkopė. They were named after the old villages of the Curonian Spit, whose residents settled in Pervalka in order to escape shifting sands.  The territory will be enclosed with a wooden fence typical to the small architecture of Neringa; parking area and paths made from paving units will be installed within the territory and will lead up to the lagoon.



37 arai

Number of buildings 4
Number of apartments 26
Areas 24 - 80 m2 (full finishing)
Advantages terraces, spacious balconies, children's playground, space for bicycles, enclosed territory. 


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Gintaras Prikockis

The idea of "Marių Verandos" is related to the history of the architectural development of Neringa. In the middle of the XIX century, the beauty of this peninsula was discovered by German painters whose admiration of the nature of the Curonian Spit was "transferred" to residents of East Prussia and Germany, who began spending their holidays in this area. Holidaymakers have brought resort culture, romanticism, aesthetics, rich decor and colours to the architectural development of Neringa. In order to make their rented location more attractive, residents of Neringa would add ornate, amply decorated verandas to their modest little homes where guests were accommodated. This was also the visual idea of "Marių Verandos" project – a simple, greyish house of neutral colours with a double-pitched roof and ornate, fun and colourful verandas. However, in this project, verandas took on a more modern transformation – as if they have risen off the ground and became skylights-verandas. 


Construction started
2015 IV quarter
Construction ends
2017 autumn





JSC "Inreal valdymas" began operating in 1994 and is currently one of the leading real estate companies in Lithuania. It's main areas of activity is real estate development and management. One of the strategic directions of "Inreal valdymas" is unique projects in exclusive locations. Projects developed by the company won recognition and awards in national and international competitions, such as European Business Awards. Due to its many years of experience in the area of real estate, the company earned the reputation of a professional and reliable partner.


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